5 Cheap Dining room decorating Ideas

5 Cheap Dining room decorating Ideas

The common misconception is, you have to spend a lot of money on dining room decoration to make it look stunning. Well, that is not true. If you want to be a little bit creative, you can modify your dining room like magic. There are lots of dining room decorating ideas, inexpensive ways you can try.


Mom’s old China

It can be interesting if you have a set of beautiful china. Do not store it away, put it on display. Displaying china in a cabinet is a great option for dining room decorating ideas. If you do not have any china, antique stores usually sell chinas. You can also hang them on the wall in decorative pattern. China plate can also used for displaying fruit like apples or bananas, then put it on the table.


You can also put on a curtain for your dining room decorating ideas. Sew your old silk or used bed sheets, make it into patchwork then put them on. You do not need to buy a new curtain. Neutral colors will look good for dining room window, or you can match it with your wall color.

Wall Scones

One of the most popular dining room decorating ideas is installing wall scones. Wall scones is popular for dining room lighting as it can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It is available in a wide variety, from the modern style to Asian style that shaped like bamboo lantern, so it gives you more possibilities to express your personal style.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are good dining room decorating ideas. Try to keep succulent in your dining room. Cactus is also interesting to be placed near the window or on the top of your refrigerator. They do not need a lot of water, so it will not make your dining room dirty. You can also put some roses or fresh flowers on your dining table.

Placemat and tablecloth

Do not forget the placemat and the tablecloth! Placemat, besides the functions, it can decorate your dining table. These dining room decorating ideas is interesting because tablecloth is pretty cheap and give you a pretty dramatic effect to your dining room. This means, you can start keeping some colors of tablecloth and placemats for your dining room. Neutral colors for formal dinners or thanksgiving dinner, pastel colors for summer. Placemats are now sold in various styles and colors so you can combine them with your tablecloth.

Dining room decorating ideas does not have to be expensive, with limited budget and little time in weekend you can make your dining room look good.

Want to decorate your dining room affordably? We have several dining room decorating ideas that won’t drain your budget.

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