Beach Theme Bedroom Ideas For Your Bedroom

Beach Theme Bedroom Ideas For Your Bedroom

Whenever I watch Baywatch, or at least, Free Willy or 50 First Dates, I wish I lived anywhere near the beach. If you feel it too, check out these beach theme bedroom ideas to evoke the beach spirit into your room.

Beach theme bedroom idea #1

Let’s begin with the walls. Applying sky blue or light blue, beige of the sand or shell colors on your wall is the very first thing you possibly do. If you are not into light colors, you can try dark blue that combined with wooden furniture and big wide window. High intensity lighting can enlighten your mood as if you are at the beach – that is the point of beach theme bedroom. Besides your wall and window, don’t forget to put on a curtain made of thin and soft fabric that will sway when the wind blows. Incorporate sea shells, ocean prints or other seaside accessories. If you travel to the beach a lot, try to collect sea sand from different beaches in display them in bottles. Some beaches have different sand structure and colors – Pink beach in Lombok, for instance, that literally has almost pink sand color – will look stunning when displayed with other sea sand colors. Beach theme prints and photos hanged on the walls will help you establish the theme. If you intend to hang pictures or piece of artwork, make sure that the middle of the piece is at eye level. If you want to hang it behind a table, make sure it is placed 7 to 10 inches above the table. If you are an 80s or 90s kid, you can hang the vinyl of the Beach Boys.

Beach theme bedroom idea #2

It will be great if you can put some rattan chair and coffee table made from pallet – which you can make through the DIY route. That will be a good place for drinking beer after an exhausting day. A tall lamp or beach style lighting, made from clear glass lamps filled with shells will also help you create a cozy and comfortable mood. Place rug to create a warmer effect, remember to match your rug with your theme. Try rattan rug with pillows as accents. Canopy beds are also very good ideas as they create romantic and breezy feelings. If your budget is compatible, installing Bali furniture will be a very brilliant idea, especially the ornamental bed combined with white bed sheets. They are made of woods with beautiful carved ornaments. In front of your window, hang a wind chime made of bamboo. The sound it produces will make you relaxed. Don’t be hurried if you want to decorate your room using beach theme. Go shop around and collect references.

Like going to the beach? Then check out these beach theme bedroom, and bring the atmosphere right into your room.

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