20 Ways to Get Your House Ready for Baby

20 Ways to Get Your House Ready for Baby

Whether you have space to spare, or you need to get creative in a small home, try these ideas for room decor, storage, organization and other pre-baby preparation essentials.

Make a Door Latch Cover

Prevent your newborn from waking up every time their bedroom door opens and closes with this 10-minute no-sew project.

Stock an Extra Changing Station

This clear changing attachment allows you to see when supplies are running low. Fasten it to living room or kitchen furniture to prevent running up and down the stairs throughout the day.

Craft a Crib Bumper


This colorful, DIY cushion is ideal for protecting little ones. Customize the piece by choosing a pattern in hues that complement your nursery decor.

Mount Everything

Try mounting items or accessories you’ll use regularly—this blogger used wood from an old project and clothespins to hang all of her daughter’s headbands for a simple, rustic display.

Make a Growth Chart

Trust us: Your baby will grow quicker than a weed. Install a chart in their room to track his or her height, like this adorable, rustic arrow for a little boy’s room.

Set up a Diaper Station

Repurpose a kitchen cart as a storage area for all of your diaper-changing needs, neatly arranging all of her wipes, diapers, toiletries, and burp cloths for easy access.

Transform a Dresser

Amp up your little one’s dresser with a bit of paint—no sanding or taping required for this DIY project! Try doing an ombre pattern on the shelving in the color of your choice.

Design for the Future

One day your baby will grow into a teenager, so design the room to grow with her. The pom-pom trimmed curtains, beaded chandelier, and antique rug in this Tennessee home’s nursery are all features that can follow this gal into her teen years.

Hang a Mobile

Give your new arrival something sweet and personal to coo over and contemplate, by making your own mobile to hang over the crib. This cloud-and-raindrop version couldn’t be cuter.

Paint the Nursery

Even if you don’t intend to go all out with a theme, you’ll probably want to give your baby’s new room a fresh coat of paint. Pick a color in keeping with traditions for your new baby’s gender, or go with a gender-neutral approach.

Decorate the Baby’s Room

In addition to a fresh coat of paint, give the baby’s room some soothing decorative touches. There’s no reason to bring in a ton of over-the-top characters and colors into the space (unless you want to). For a subtler but still ever so sweet touch, try DIY bunting in colors that match your nursery’s look.

Maximize Storage

Even if you have a large house, you’ll likely be looking for convenient storage near baby, so you won’t have to go far for anything you need – especially during those first long, tired nights and days. A low-profile plastic storage tub concealed behind a crib skirt gives you access to newborn necessities at the ready, any time.

Prepare the Changing Table Essentials

Put the diapers and wipes adjacent to the changing table – just where you’ll need them right away. Keep everything tidy and attractive with a sweet storage solution, like this wicker basket diaper caddy.

Maximize Garage Space

Those days of hodgepodge boxes and haphazard stacking in the garage are over. When you bring home your little one, you’ll probably be shopping and buying in bulk for necessities like diapers. Make space for your family’s new warehousing needs by organizing that garage ahead of the big arrival.

Rethink Rooms

As you make way for a nursery, you may be consolidating some rooms in the house. (And, you may be kissing such luxuries as a private home office goodbye.) Make the most of space by turning various rooms into a single revamped multifunction space, like this delightful playroom-office combo.

Prepare Baby’s Closet

Your baby already may have more clothes than you do, thanks to generous shower gifts from excited friends and family. Keep everything organized with this simple DIY for closet dividers by size.

Organize the Freezer

When the baby comes, your loved ones will probably want to help out by swinging by with a ton of pre-cooked meals to sustain you in those hectic early days. And when you do have the time to cook, you may want to do it in bulk to save time and energy for days after. Accommodate that onslaught of frozen foods by overhauling the freezer in advance, first doing a thorough purge, and then organizing the space using plastic bins.

Babyproof Everything

In your quest to make your home safe for the new baby, you may come across a ton of unattractive but essential gizmos and gadgets. Inject a little style to the process when possible—like with this chevron-printed door latch catcher.

25 of the Best Canopy Bed Ideas

25 of the Best Canopy Bed Ideas

Once upon a time, canopy beds were favored by the upper class who could afford this luxurious piece of furniture. They were a status symbol, custom made and included various small design details that made them special and unique. Nowadays, everyone can afford a canopy bed and they can add an air of sophistication to your bedroom or make your patio feel high-class during those long summer afternoons when all you want to do is lounge around with a cold drink in your hand.

They are incredibly cheap and you can decorate these beds as you like by adding different accessories such as twinkle lights. You can always switch the fabric to match the rest of the room or try out one of the canopy bed DIY ideas that are available online. Spring is just around the corner so it might be the perfect time to redecorate your home and consider adding this versatile piece of furniture to your master bedroom.

So if you want to wake up refreshed each morning and feel like royalty, a canopy bed can transform your bedroom into a small kingdom. Here are a couple of ideas that will get you started and help you out with the selection.

1. A Contemporary Option


If you are keeping things simple around your home, the best way to complement that decor is to add a clean and modern canopy bed that has plenty of open space. Therefore, the light can flow freely through the room and nothing will stand in its way. Plus, this Lafferty Canopy Bed is really suitable for small apartments because it goes well with a low ceiling which means that you can create your dream bedroom anywhere.

2. …That Can Also Be Decorated

Are you a fan of the clean lines but still want to coziness and comfort of elegant canopy beds? You can choose a canopy bed with storage that also has light construction. They are airy and will add that extra layer of class to your bedroom. It will still be very modern and fit the contemporary decor you have going on in your master bedroom. Plus, a canopy bed king is so comfy and roomy that it should help you get some quality sleep.

3. Warm Browns

Creating a homey atmosphere in your home starts with colors. If you have a large bedroom, consider a wooden canopy bed with a gorgeous brown finish. It will refresh the room and become a true centerpiece. This Island Canopy Bed fits the description because it has a mocha finish with a reddish shine. The wide frame reaches high to the ceiling and should look perfect in a spacious room.

4. A Modern Classic

Thinner bed frame looks great in small bedrooms so if you are dealing with a lack of space, this might be the solution. Choosing a metal frame is the way to go if you love the industrial decor but it will fit almost anywhere because it is classic and clean. It will allow you to pick and choose the curtains you want and be a nice backdrop. Blanford Queen Canopy Bed has a small frame that is versatile and quite universal.

5. Detailed Half-Canopy

This reimagined classic is an unusual piece that will suit rustic bedrooms which follow the same style. Lovely details should help you achieve the relaxed atmosphere and make your sleeping space feel welcoming. A wooden frame is unobtrusive and belongs to rustic canopy beds category. Placing small curtains around it will make your room extra cozy. The result will be both charming and classy.

6. Flowy Curtains

Imagine spending the long summer days surrounded by light curtains moving in the breeze. Sounds like heaven, right? So if you have a large patio or a very high ceiling in your bedroom, consider placing a canopy bed there because it will give you more sleep options when the weather is warm. Choose a bigger bed frame, preferably one of oak canopy beds, or anything made of full wood. PCHseries Canopy Bed is a good option because it has a slightly raised base and enough room for draping flowy curtains over it.

7. A Unique Combination

Contemporary design often includes playing with materials and shapes. The full wooden frame might not be suitable for low ceilings and this combination of wood and metal will ensure you have enough space for hanging curtains and creating a magical atmosphere in your bedroom. Madeleine Upholstered Canopy Bed is a modern take on this classic. It is unique and eye-catching. Plus, this is a canopy bed with upholstered headboard.

8. White Magic

Decorating your bedroom in full white can be tricky, especially if it is small. Yes, a monochromatic palette will make the space appear bigger but a full canopy bed might not fit properly. Luckily, there is a solution. It might become a small DIY project but it is doable. Simply install iron rods on the ceiling and drape enough fabric through it to reach the floor. Your bed will become a small tent. The result is romantic and magical!

9. Otherworldly Style

If you love unusual furniture and refuse to follow trends, choose an ornate and dark framed canopy bed. Breathtaking details will make the bed pop out and make the space mysterious but also pretty romantic. Enchanted Canopy Bed is decorated with wooden branches and it has its own little chandelier that follows the same theme. It is one of the finest wrought iron canopy beds you can find.

10. Easy DIY Canopy Bed

Rural and rustic decor can be completely transformed if you add a canopy to your bed. You can refresh your standard sleeping space by hanging a circular canopy curtain on your ceiling. It will take you just a couple of minutes but the result will be spectacular. The design will resemble exotic canopy beds you have only seen in movies depicting far away destinations.

11. The Queen of Elegance

With its crisp edges and wooden body, a canopy bed queen size should fill out your bedroom and high top panels will add a touch of elegance. You can drape long and flowy curtains (bright colors are recommended) in order to create a charming and classy atmosphere that mimics the style of royalty. If you are looking for something similar, Amedori Canopy Bed is well-constructed and firm. The darker wood is suitable for every interior design so it is versatile.

12. Flamboyant and Colorful

Heavy materials and drapery are a sign of class, sophistication, and elegance. Victorian times were all about it so if you want to relive that era, go for slightly over the top fabrics that are timeless and luxurious. Your bedroom will look like a royal chamber from the turn of the century if you choose this vintage canopy bed.

13. Faux leather Luxury

Rich wooden frames were very popular in the Victorian period and the designers back then added numerous details in order to make the whole construction appear expensive and elaborate. An ornate and vintage canopy bed will make your bedroom more extravagant. Edmore Upholstered Canopy Bed does have a lot of ornaments, including faux leather head and footboards.

14. Romantic Crown Canopy

This feminine crown canopy bed looks like something from a fairytale. Inspired by the royalty, the draping above the bed is minimum, while the detailing on the sides is intricate and rich. You will immediately fall in love with the design because it is simple, very bright, and every Disney princess would love to catch some zs in this bed.

15. It’s All About Details

Details make every design look amazing and well-thought-of. So if your room can accommodate a tall canopy bed with four thick posts clearly inspired by the Victorian era, it should be on your list. It has heavy drapery on the top but you can hang your own curtains around it. Sienna Canopy Bed is made of numerous materials including marble and wood. The detailing is stunning and it looks incredibly expensive.

16. Pretty in Beige

Beige might not be the first color that pops into your mind when you think about bedroom decor but it is quite lovely and works well with the rest of the furniture. This canopy bed twin size has beautifully made posts that will make the bed even more stunning. It looks good with or without drapes.

17. We Can Be Royals

It is clear from a very first glance that the old European rulers inspire this canopy bed. The focus is on details and rich, expensive materials so it comes as no surprise that the bed looks luxurious and posh. Just like the name says, Royal Canopy Bed is made of wood and features so many small carvings and decorations. It will bring your bedroom to a whole new level.

18. Intriguing Elegance

Elegant canopy beds often feature interesting designs that elevate the feeling of opulence. Even though the posts might seem a bit over the top, they will fit into any vintage bedroom and complete the look perfectly. Upholstered Canopy Bed is a mix of expensive materials and extraordinary craftsmanship. You will enjoy waking up and seeing all the carvings on the frame.

19. Sturdy and Vintage

When we talk about unique canopy bed designs, we often focus on contemporary furniture. However, this particular Victorian piece is definitely unusual and magnificent. Kamella Canopy Bed has a curved metal top which is supported by four sturdy columns that are carved to perfection. It is a little bit extravagant but if you feel like it would fit your aesthetics, it might be the best option.

20. All in White

There is nothing dreamier than a round canopy bed completely draped in white. Even though circular shapes are not commonly seen in bedrooms, this model will open up the space. So if you are aiming for a unique interior design that is also romantic and delightful, this should be the centerpiece in your bedroom.

21. Pop-art Extravaganza

This modern and pop-art-inspired piece is not your common round canopy bed. A metal circle that holds the drapery make it stand out. The curtains also have that retro look and it will fit right in with vintage 1960s wallpapers and other decorations that were heavily used in that decade. So dust off your lava lamp and accessorize the room!

22. Clean and Simple

If you live in an apartment close to an urban area and prefer to keep your bedroom uncluttered, a white metal canopy bed full size will fit right in and make the space feel wider and roomier. Just like the name suggests, Upholstered Canopy Bed has a simple frame that reaches high to the ceiling, as well as an upholstered headboard.

23. Details are Everything

Metal canopy beds are usually not ornamented but you can sometimes find a couple of decorations somewhere. Everyone loves cute details and they can make a bed frame more unique. Even though it is not one of California king canopy beds, this particular model is timeless and has small detailing on the top of each column. It will give you so much space to try out various curtain colors.

24. Metal with a Flare

Not everyone is a fan of clean lines and simple designs. So if you want to add some metal curves to your bedroom, take a closer look at some of the medieval canopy beds that combine metal and wood. George Canopy Bed has a gorgeous construction that can be decorated with a curtain of your choosing and look unbelievably beautiful in your master bedroom.

25. Black and Posh

Black metal canopy beds will suit bedrooms which are decorated with industrial furniture. A slightly distressed finish looks stylish and elegant, especially when combined with upholstery and white sheets. If you are looking for something similar, Beetham Upholstered Canopy Bed might do the work. The canopy is high, with sharp lines, and will not take too much space.

Master Bedroom Floor Plans for a Beautiful Home

Master Bedroom Floor Plans for a Beautiful Home

Having a very beautiful home is one of your dreams, right? Today, many people are willing to decorate and even renovate their homes in order to look more beautiful, especially their bedroom floor. When they renovate their bedroom floor, they usually use master bedroom floor plans as their guide. So, are you interested in applying these master plans? Using them can help you renovate your bedroom floor. There are some master plans you can use to renovate your bedroom floor: type of floor, size, style and design, and many more.


Master Bedroom Floor Plans – Consider the Type of Floor

Are you interested in decorating or renovating your bedroom floor using master bedroom floor plans? If yes, then the first plan you should do is to choose the best type of floor you are going to install. When it comes to decorating your bedroom floor, type of floor can matter on the appearance of your bedroom floor. Basically, there are four types of floor that you can find at a flooring store: laminate flooring, tile flooring, carpet flooring, and wooden flooring. And considering type of floor is one of master bedroom floor plans that you can follow. There are many people out there who use different type of floor for each bedroom. You may install carpet flooring for your home if you like it. Make sure that if you use this master plan for your bedroom floor, the type of floor that you choose should be suitable to your bedroom theme.

Master Bedroom Floor Plans – Consider the Size of the Floor

In addition to the type of floor, the next master bedroom floor plans you can do are to consider the size of bedroom and the size of floor you are going to install. Once you have purchased the flooring, you can install it. Make sure, however, that you consider the size of your bedroom and the size of floor you want to install. If the space for installing your floor is not enough, then you should buy the floor which has a small size. Otherwise, you can buy the floor which has big size. Many people consider this plan as one of the most important master plans when they are renovating their bedroom floor. If you visit your friends’ houses, you will know that they may use this master plan for their bedroom floor in order to look more beautiful. However, if you want to know more about other master bedroom floor plans, you can easily browse the internet and find as much information about these master plans for bedroom floor.

Decorating or renovating your master bedroom? Use master bedroom floor plans as written in this article!

11 Incredibly Helpful Design & Storage Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

11 Incredibly Helpful Design & Storage Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

Finding design-savvy ways to magically create extra storage space in a tiny bedroom isn’t always easy. While unsightly over-the-door organizers and bulky dressers are always an option (if you squeeze them in), it pays to use your imagination and get creative when coming up with stylish storage ideas.

To help make your life a little easier (and a whole lot more organized), we rounded up 30 of our favorite small bedroom storage and design solutions. From wall-mounted shelves to swing arm sconces, these clever ideas are all designed to maximize a storage-deprived space — no matter how little square footage you’re working with.

1. Go with a Ghost Chair

The greatest thing about Ghost chairs—a.k.a. clear acrylic ones—is that visually, they are so light, you barely see them (i.e. less visual clutter). Not only are they super stylish—they won’t further cramp up your tiny bedroom.

2. Floating Shelves


Turn even the tightest bedroom corner into a streamlined storage display with nothing more than a few wall-mounted floating shelves.

3. Work a Room

Don’t technically have a separate bedroom? A bookcase that doubles as a room divider can work wonders for a cramped studio. It’ll designate your sleeping space, but also the space between your books and decor is enough to let light stream in.

4. Consider Hanging Racks

Hanging garment racks are a clever way to score more closet storage (or create a closet out of nowhere) without taking up an inch of floor space. A dresser underneath creates the perfect dressing area.

5. Consider a Swing Arm Sconce

If you’ve been searching for a stylish way to bring more lighting into your cramped bedroom (without taking up too much space), consider swing-arm wall sconces. Not only are they much less bulky than most table lamps and pendants, these wall-mounted wonders are designed with adjustable arms for a more space-savvy lighting solution.

6. Leaning Layered Art Looks Good

If you’re an art lover but lacking the space to show off your treasured works in your bedroom, a shelf or nightstand layered with framed art can make a big impact without wasting any space.

7. Get Creative With Shelving

When every bit of wall space counts, why not try shelving that doubles as art? A cool hanging shelf allows you to store (and show off) your favorite trinkets and display your beloved baubles, and won’t take up an inch of floor space.

8. Accessorize Away

When you don’t have the room for large-scale bedroom furnishings, consider going big with your decor—think: bold throw pillows, colorful art, and layered textiles.

9. Floating Desk

Who says you need a big bedroom to create your own workspace? A wall-mounted shelf beautifully doubles as a personal desk and mounts directly to your wall for added efficiency.

10. Consider a Modern Murphy Bed

Forget your grandmother’s Murphy bed. A foldout bedframe—like this one in Daniel’s NYC studio—is a clever way to conceal bulky furniture in your tiny apartment space.

11. Houseplants Work Wonders

You don’t always need two nightstands, especially if you’re sleeping alone. Just add plants. It’ll bring fast style to your bedroom without the need for a bulky piece of furniture and will help clean your air, too. Win, win!

Midcentury Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Midcentury Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

01.What is Midcentury Modern Style?

Midcentury modern refers to the decorating style that rose to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. It’s characterized by lots of natural wood, simple lines, a mostly muted palette, and a sense of form-meets-function. This wonderful room is from Neat Organization & Design.

02.The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary

Although the words “contemporary” and “modern” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Modern refers to a specific decorating style that first arose in the 1920s, and became extremely popular as it modified into midcentury modern during the 1950s and 1960s. Contemporary refers to the popular decorating styles at any given time. As midcentury modern is currently very contemporary, the words have become synonymous.

03.Add a Midcentury Modern Nightstand


As this lovely bedroom from Lauren Nelson Design shows, all it takes is one great piece of midcentury modern furniture to give your bedroom a shot of style. Nightstands are especially easy to find, and many are quite inexpensive.

04.Midcentury Modern Dresser

This great looking dresser is classic midcentury modern style: clean lines, raised legs, straight edges, and natural wood. The squat golden yellow lamp on top is the crowning touch. This bedroom is from Kelly Deck Design.

05.Bold Accent Wall

Want to give a simple midcentury modern bedroom a powerful shot of style? Then take a page from Haus Interior’s playbook, and create a boldly patterned accent wall. The jagged design used here is rather reminiscent of the flame stitch pattern so popular in the 70s.

06.Try a chaise lounge in your bedroom

A trendy chaise lounge in cowhide adds big impact in this midcentury modern bedroom from Jenny Wolf Interiors.

07.Midcentury Modern Bedroom Done Right

Here’s a nearly perfect example of midcentury modern design from designer Chris Nguyen. The color scheme, the furniture, and the artwork are all hallmarks of this popular decorating theme. Perfect.

08.Natural Materials in the Midcentury Modern Bedroom

This bedroom from AB Design Studio displays the use of natural materials so common in the midcentury modern style. Wood-paneled walls and stone add a touch of rustic—and yet still polished—texture to the space.

09.Eames Chair

One of the most iconic pieces of midcentury modern design is the Eames chair. This bedroom from Hart Studio demonstrates exactly why this comfortable chair is such a classic.

10.Platform Beds in the Midcentury Modern Bedroom

Platform beds became very popular during the midcentury years. This model home bedroom from Allen Construction shows off classic midcentury style.

11.Retro Style Meets Midcentury Modern

Retro circles and geometrics, along with touches of global style, add a splash of retro flair to an otherwise midcentury modern bedroom. This bedroom is from Ryan Rhodes Designs.

12.Accent Wall in a Midcentury Modern Bedroom

This stylish midcentury modern bedroom shows off a wonderfully retro chartreuse accent wall. The rug and abstract artwork tie into the wall color and add balance to the space.

13.Hairpin Legs on Furniture

Hairpin legs on furniture, as shown on the bed in this room photographed by Virtual Studio Innovations, are a hallmark of the midcentury modern style.

14.Blue as an Accent Color in a Midcentury Modern Bedroom

Blue might not be the most common accent color in midcentury modern design, but look how beautifully it’s used in this bedroom from Jamie House Design. The grayish blue accent wall, wonderful small chair, and colorful throw pillows really add pizzazz to this otherwise rather simple space.

15.White Midcentury Modern Bedroom

Simple, neutral color is a common palette in midcentury design. This lovely and serene bedroom, photographed by Matthew Niemann, shows off a tranquil color scheme of white and natural wood.

15 Bedroom Ideas You Haven’t Seen A Million Times Before

15 Bedroom Ideas You Haven’t Seen A Million Times Before

Even if no one ever sees it, your bedroom should still represent your style and feel like a place you want to unwind in. With that in mind, we came up with fifty-five bedroom ideas to help you create your own perfect resting space. No matter how bold you want to go, how large your space is, or what your design preference is, these bedroom decorating ideas, shopping tips, and designer examples are sure to inspire you.

Add A Fun Headboard

“A wide upholstered headboard brings more fabric into a bedroom, while enabling the integration of eclectics,” says Sophie of Studio Ashby. In this bedroom in particular, the headboard defines the color scheme and provides a sense of formality while also asserting a modern twist that doesn’t feel overly trendy.

Loosen Things Up


Loose linens make for an effortlessly chic bed situation while the antique floor mirror and structural pendant light dress things up in this bedroom designed by Leanne Ford Interiors. When sticking to one neutral color family, be sure to introduce plenty of varying textures for a more robust look.

Make It Texture-Rich

In this peaceful blue master bedroom designed by Cathy Chapman, the gorgeous stone walls bring in an earthy feel. Want to make sure you actually get sweet dreams? You’ll need a super calming paint color, like this sky blue. Cozy throw blankets help, too.

Lean Large Artwork

We love how this bedroom designed by Regan Baker boasts a bohemian feel despite the statement piece: That large-scale photograph of a traditional yellow bedroom. For a similar look, opt for a high-impact photograph of an interior that both reflects and juxtaposes your own space. And in true bohemian fashion, simply lean it against the wall instead of hanging it.

Bring In a Canopy

A shaker style stove, like the one in this bedroom, reflects the coziness of a classic fireplace with a sleek, modern design. And while this one in Maxwell Ryan’s bedroom feels nice and wintery, the dreamy sheer canopy ensures that it’ll also feel appropriate during the summer.

Pay Attention to Scale

As you can see in this bedroom designed by 2LG Studio, each item is carefully chosen to work within the architectural quirks of the space. For example, the narrow bedroom table fits into the little nook perfectly, and since it’s on the slimmer side, they made sure it offered plenty of drawer space for extra storage. The light patterned wallpaper, aside from brightening the room, can also introduce a fun personality.

Have Fun With Wallpaper

Fun wallpaper is an easy way to add personality without taking up any precious surface space. We love how this one in a Martyn Lawrence Bullard-designed bedroom contrasts with the more traditional elements in this room. And of course, smart storage is essential in a bedroom. A spacious dresser like this one is a great option.

Pick A Motif

Bison drawings, patterned pillows, cool textiles—check, check, check. This Southwestern bedroom is so chic, it’s making us rethink our whole design aesthetic. Whether you choose a bison motif or not, anchoring your decor scheme around some artwork is a great way to start the design process.

Choose Bold Lighting

“The headboard’s muted gray wool mix balances the impact of the cushions and the throw, and the low profile allows for sizable artwork above the bed,” Sophie of Studio Ashby tells us. Putting one large-scale piece of artwork above the bed is a great alternative to a gallery wall and bold, modern lighting will bring just a punch of modern style.

Be Whimsical

Lilac runs throughout this Mark Sikes bedroom, from the headboard to the wallpaper. The rug helps add a neutral counterpoint to the bold color.

Create a Sense of Place

Designed by Arent & Pyke, this beach house bedroom plays up the coastal locale with casual pieces like a jute rug, wooden side table, playful striped pillows, and ocean photography. But it’s not cliche at all. Though each item fits the general beach theme, the bedroom feels both comfortable and sophisticated.

Create a Cocoon

There’s a certain ethereal feel to attics because of the unique architectural lines. If you have an a-frame or sloped ceiling, embrace that dreamy vibe with romantic materials and light colors. The way the light pours into this room is just divine—we’d never want to leave this little cocoon. Decorate with loose linens, a netted pendant light, and a vintage area rug for a pop of color.

Give It An Edge

The moody black walls bring in a contrasting edge to this cozy space by Tali Roth. Deep walls create a classic, relaxing feel while the bedding adds laid-back and modern elegance.

Get Creative

When space is limited, you’ll have to get crafty and choose multi-purpose pieces. For example, this side chair can function as a seat or as a bedside table. Wall sconces help free up surface space, too, without making you forgo a night light.

Layer Your Rugs

The linen canopy warms up the neutral color scheme in the bedroom of Maxwell Ryan’s Hamptons home. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a very chic tent. To keep the texture story going, layer your rugs.

20 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas (2019) – Modern, Tiny & Clever

20 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas (2019) – Modern, Tiny & Clever

We created this complete list of 50 small studio apartment design ideas because we wanted to inspire and encourage the owners of such places to use their imagination and creativity and to search for unconventional solutions. Our experience leads us to believe that the compact living is a global trend that in the feature will become stronger. More and more people choose to live in the big megalopolis and to make the small studio and micro apartments their home. And in the future, this tendency will increase the number of people and it will decrease inhabitable space so that the dwellings will become smaller and smaller.

To create wholly functional and welcoming home in such a restricted space arrangement is a significant challenge that requires a bold and brave way of thinking outside the box (sometimes literary). So here you can take a peak together with us to see how professional designers and renowned architects are tackling this difficult task. You can use their ideas and unconventional approaches when you design your studio apartment – an excellent way to discover how successfully to make the most of every inch of space so in the end to have a tiny, modern, and clever home.

1. Creating a special unit for sleeping and using its volume for storage compartments


One of the first things that come to mind when confronted with limited living space is where to put all my stuff? Here we have a magnificent ingenious solution by Batiik Studio an elevated bed that gives the necessary space beneath the stairs to create cabinets and provide storage. The sliding panels that offer privacy to the bed space and the full-height closet on the side complete the picture of this modern and smart design. Decided in trendy dark colors the elegant and functional unit can be a “must have” option for any small space dweller.

2. Color distinction- paint the second level in a different tonality

Painting this mezzanine premise with stylish and characteristic wall accents that visually separates the premises creates the feeling that the bed area is a whole separate world. The design composition of this tiny apartment in Poland is laid on a duality of space concept: the deep rich green walls that accentuate the ceiling half of the space and separate the bedroom with its lush plant selection from the rest of the interior design with its vintage hints – it is a unique and artistic approach. This composition of dualism has an almost mystical visual impact with its rich accents and details.

3. Elevate the bed and give yourself more space underneath

This light (bought as colors and space illumination characteristics) project of ICOSA in collaboration with Peter Suen, is located in the heart of San Francisco and offers a youthful, dynamic and contemporary solution for the space problems. The custom build unit includes the elevated bed platform with simple lines and luminous characteristic, the very cozy working area underneath, completed with a massive whiteboard, roomy desk, and stand-up computer station and of course, the cleverly hidden compartments of the storage units and extra guest bed.

4. Use Folding Glass Walls to achieve dynamic and flexible space separation

This dramatic space composition in the restoration project of an old small apartment by Tatyana Bobyleva is achieved through the dynamic contrasts in the materials palette, the textural and color combinations. The airy elegance and dynamic modern hint of the black metal – clear glass doors compo introduces flexibility in the small apartment’s interior design. The alternation of smooth green surfaces, cement floors, black metal details and trendy furniture with the warmer presence of the exposed red bricks and soft textiles is an intriguing and rich solution for a confined space.

5. Sliding staircase – movable elements which if necessary can be hidden or blend

Averagely the sleeping area is used only ones a day, so it is quite a clever solution the staircase that leads towards the bed niche to be movable and if necessary to free the space for the daily activates. This fantastic project of a cozy and functional small space design belongs to Concrete Architectural Associates for the Zoku Amsterdam – a new type of short stay hotel that promotes spacious micro living units for global nomads. One of its lofts is a 269 square-foot room with a flexible design made inviting and warm through the usage of wood. The classic combination of smooth white surfaces and base, with black framing and wooden accents, is always fresh. A playful design touch is the Olympic rings installation for working out.

6. Put your bedroom into a movable cube – fun on wells

Resolving the problems with privacy, space, and static border – this colorful bed box project is offering a moveable, cozy and fun solution for small apartments with contemporary design. And as the designers ask; “Instead of buying a sleeper couch and feeling like a guest in your own home, why not create a private retreat within a given space?”. Besides. The fact that the bed cube is on wells means that it can be moved around according to your mood or social situation.

7. Saving Space with a Suspended Bedroom

This dynamic composition for modern small home is located in London and offers charming focal accent of a suspended bed above active working area ( with trendy furniture pieces). A memorable solution for restrained space options. Further on a large dining room table – to gather all your friends – and the decorative accent of the urban-art staircase leading through the bedroom platform to a romantic skylight opening towards the roof give the mini apartment unique atmosphere.

8. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors

For some may be controversial, but in this case becomes a fact – using dark gray and black colors won’t make the small space appear smaller, but quite the opposite it will give it a dynamic and splendorous touch. The designer of this 258-square-foot studio used reflective surfaces, bold dark colors and shining metal accents to create visually dramatic impact and sophisticated atmosphere. Expanding the living space vertically rather than horizontally, introducing the white frames of floor and walls, the design anchors the terrace-evolvement of the dark details.

9. Make use of the space behind the sofa

The fresh and artistic design of this tiny apartment will guarantee comfortable living space for more than one person – with its light emanation and multiple sitting zones, and chill-out niches, unique space design offers many opportunities for relaxation and privet quiet space. The light wood sculptural construct offer light, dynamic and youthful hart for a small urban apartment. The unusual usage of space aiming to increase the storage opportunities exploring the height diapason behind the sofa- is also applicable in other compositions, with deck or bed for example.

10. Movable wall in combination with folding wall bed

This high-tech, dynamic solution is up to free a lot of space for modern urban dwellings. The compact 390-square-foot of this apartment can host all the rudimentary zones of a home – sleeping, kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining zone and so on, thanks to the latest evolution of MKCA’s research on micro-housing. The motorized movable wall (that worth noticing hosts 180 degrees rotating TV unite that can be used from bed or sofa) hosts hidden closet, dresser drawers, and clothing storage and when fully extended makes space for a queen-sized fold-down bed: smart, tidy and technologically advanced; this is an exciting solution.

11. Partially hiding the bed in the closed

Undertaking the challenge of renovating this tiny Milanese apartment and giving it a youthful and functional atmosphere that it will turn its 28 sq.m into a comfortable modern-day dwelling the designers from studio WOK had searched for inspiration in the clear presence of the light wood. The structures that host the closed and wardrobes not only give fresh and smooth design expression with their light and trendy plywood surfaces but also offer clever and functional solutions to the space issue. Partially rolling the double sized bed in an opening in the lover part of the wardrobe opens a space for the daily activates and also secures a comfortable sofa for them.

12. Minimalism takes hold – live part of the premises empty

The designers of this contemporary project – a stylish home located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia had searched its inspiration in modern minimalism but also in the funny word of Mighty Mouse. Using its signature colors in red, yellow and black the apartment aspires – much like the small mouse to punch well above its size. Locating the entry foyer, storage, equipment, washing and sleeping zones behind full height, wall-to-wall sliding doors the designer freed the rest of the premises giving them empty, minimalistic and spacious emanation with slightly industrial presence – thanks to the smooth concrete floors.

13. Elevating the kitchen and hiding the bed underneath

The dynamic design of this Parisian mini-apartment hides different functional levels and multiple materials and colors combinations. The architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet collaborated to turn this apartment piece into independent living space. Here, again, the double size bed turns into a functional sofa when partially hidden beneath the elevated kitchen floor. Few large pillows and – Voilà – a day zone with a cozy couch and trendy coffee table. In the case of this design the bed can be entirely hidden under the platform and to free the floor for other activities. Elevating the platform of the kitchen zone and adding multiple intriguing shaped shelves, gives a unique atmosphere to the design, but also becomes a smart space-saving approach.

14. Turn the bedroom it into a sculptural element

This contemporary design creation of French architects Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec offers an entirely new aesthetic experience of a bedroom space introducing unusual solutions for small spaces. Creating and single suspended box that becomes a sculptural element of the premise’s layout the designers hosted the bed platform in the center of the apartment while at the same time leaving the space of the main floor untouched and free for other activates. Redefining the bedroom objectification as the archetype of privacy and intimacy this ingenious architectural construct becomes an object of curiosity by transforming its symbolic status – situated it in the center as a suspended sculptural element and art piece.

15. Use the space in front of the entrance door

This simple yet charming design for a micro-apartment consist of a series of clear-lined, low-tech joinery pieces that form zones within the main space. The Sydney based architect Nicholas Gurney had its finger on the problem: through the vast majority of the day one does not use the space in front of the entrance door – so why not turned into something else. To give this empty space another temporary function using prefiguration of furniture joinery. Stylish, bright and just a little bit fun.

16. Creating an illusion of volume using mirrored surfaces

This fantastic and almost surreal project of Gary Chang located in Hong Kong is presenting us with the unbelievable transformation of a 344-square-foot space into over 24 different rooms project using movable walls, stairs, and furniture. The mirrored surfaces of the floor and ceiling segments give visual depth of the premises and create the illusion of much bigger space. The usage of yellow mirrors and illuminators defects the light spectrum in a whole another dimension and creates the sensation of the surrealistic and enchanting world.

17. The dining table can fit and hide amongst the rest of the kitchen furnishing

Inspired by the Japanese method of an organization known as 5S the Australian architect Nicholas Gurney created a contemporary project of bespoke joinery, sliding partitions and moveable furniture to make the most of the limited space of this 24-square-meter apartment. Exciting knack becomes the designer’s solution of the dining table aesthetics- elegant and light- placed on rolling wheels the furniture piece can fit perfectly above and around the oven unit. In this way, the unique and stylish solution is able not only to free substantial /additional floor space but also to give underlined visual expression for the kitchen furniture arrangement.

18. Insert the Murphy bed into the separation wall to have an extra, guest bed

Graham Hill and his company, LifeEdited are specialized into creating smart and elegant solutions for ultra-livable micro-apartments. Here we have a fluid environment with versatile pieces like a modular sofa and expanding a coffee table that not only have multiple functions and position but are also stylish. The extra Murphy bed is hidden into the storage wall and offers options for guest bed.

19. Closet as a Swiss Army Knife

Kitoko Studio had composed and ornamented this Parisian chic apartment with Asian aesthetic hints and ingenious movable units. Once all the elements are folded and stored in this “large closet” implementing the concept of The Swiss Army Knife: simple and elegant, compact and multifunctional at the same time; the unit room composition takes only a small part of the apartment space.

20. Hang things – the ceiling is an excellent space for stuff

The latest work of Me2architects studio is this charming small apartment in a former industrial district that preserves its heritage under the original and stylish read of contemporary design. Entwining dark colors, brick walls, and metal constructs the designers created a conceptual loft for an active lifestyle. The green plant pots that hang from the ceiling are framed by a black metal frame – dynamic and stylish solution. Together with the contemporary lighting scheme this designer’s knack forms an integral design object that adorns the space above the dining table, economize space and gives additional character to the decor composition.

Benefits of Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

Benefits of Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom is a room in your house that you want it to be comfortable and cozy. In order to make an overall good design of your house, you will need to get a good feature design for your bedroom. Well, you may get confused since there are a lot of choices in front of you that may give some troubles for you to make a decision. Solid wood bedroom furniture may be one of furniture that you need to complete your house design.

Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you should be aware of furniture available at the shop. You have to consider your option before going to buy one that’s right for you. Solid wood bedroom furniture might be one of those options. Many people say that solid wood furniture is attractive. They may love the patterns of the solid wood furniture. Its continuous grain patterns all the way through will show us its quality and strength of the wood that you have chosen. Is it merely attractive that makes you choose solid wood furniture for your bedroom? Don’t worry, it also has many advantages. So here are some advantages of having solid wood bedroom furniture.


Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Will Last For Ages

Once you buy a solid bedroom wood furniture, you will not need any soon replacement. Solid wood furniture can be sanded and refinished. If you feel bored with the look you can easily makeover the entire items. Solid wood furniture can be an antique item as time goes by. You can make use of it for ages or resell it again with a good condition. Woods are naturally durable and strong. The durability of this solid wood furniture can also be a mark of your time. You might someday save it in the storage room and give a very simple of maintenance. It will still look timeless beauty and being able to pass over generations.

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Can Be A Good Investment

While buying things, you should not only the present impact, but also the future. The price of the solid wood furniture may high compare to the other furniture. This wood furniture also gets better with age. You just need to give a simple maintenance and you can make your furniture as an investment. The strong wood materials will make it long lasting and smart investment in the future.

You may worry with the age looking, whether it is sold or not. Some people think that hardwood furniture gets nicer and excellent with age. But if you still want it to look more modern, you can modify the furniture whenever you like. Once you may want to makeover your overall bedroom, just make over your wood furniture and make it happen. Maybe also do some makeover before selling it in the future. Now, after you know some benefits of having solid bedroom wood furniture, you can have some reasons to choose this kind of furniture in order to decorate your lovely bedroom.

Have you ever had solid wood bedroom furniture? Have you realized the benefits you get from it? Here are the truth.

Charming Italian Bedroom Furniture

Charming Italian Bedroom Furniture

Do you ever wonder having a beautiful home with beautiful furniture? Is it one of your dreams? And how can you make it happen? For those who want to have a beautiful home with beautiful and charming furniture, the only thing that you can do is to decorate your home using Italian furniture. Today, many people are using this furniture to beautify their homes. Also, they use this furniture for their bedrooms. You know, Italian bedroom furniture can make your bedroom more charming. Besides, your bedroom will look so great. So, are you going to buy the furniture now? But before you buy it, there are some things you should consider such as the original furniture, the furniture design, and the style.

Italian Bedroom Furniture – Considering the Original Furniture


Many people are today buying Italian bedroom furniture to make their bedrooms beautiful. There are some reasons why they buy it. First, the bedroom furniture can beautify their own bedrooms. Second, it can make them feel more comfortable when they are in their bedrooms. And the last reason is that it can attract their attention. If you have the same reasons as theirs, you should consider the original furniture when you buy the Italian bedroom furniture at a furniture store. Be sure that you really consider the original Italian furniture for your bedroom as it is a crucial thing. At the store, you will be provided with various kinds of Italian furniture for a bedroom. Here, you need to be more careful when selecting the furniture.

Also, you should compare the Italian furniture to another. This will show you that there might be artificial furniture. If it is yes, then you know what to do. It is much better if you find information about the original Italian furniture for a bedroom first prior to going to the furniture store.

Italian Bedroom Furniture – Considering Furniture Design and Style

In addition to considering the origin of the furniture, you should also consider the design and style of the furniture before you decide to buy it. There are many different styles of Italian bedroom furniture. This is your time to choose your favorite design of the Italian furniture for your bedroom. Your favorite design and style will determine the beauty of your furniture. That’s why you should select one of the best. When it comes to the Italian furniture, you should make sure that you choose it which is suitable with the Italian style. Once you buy it and put it into your bedroom, you will feel more alive.

Why Italian bedroom furniture? What makes a great Italian bedroom furniture? Here is all about that Italian taste.

Four Ideas on How to Decorate a Bedroom

Four Ideas on How to Decorate a Bedroom

Do you ever wonder having a beautiful bedroom? Having a beautiful bedroom is now one of people’s dreams. If you dream about a beautiful bedroom, then what should you do to make it happen? The only way that you can do is to decorate your own bedroom. However, it is more than just decorating your bedroom. If you really want to decorate it, then there are some ideas that you can use on how to decorate a bedroom: adding an interesting wall decorating accent, creating a reading corner, putting some beautiful plants into your bedroom, and putting some beautiful furniture. These four ideas are commonly used by many people today. They think that these ideas can help them decorate their bedrooms perfectly.

How to Decorate a Bedroom – Adding Nice Accent


When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you may alter the appearance of your bedroom by adding a nice accent to your bedroom wall. In this case, the choice of colors for your bedroom wall should be done very carefully. Do you know why? Color has a very important role in decorating your bedroom. You may choose your favorite colors as your bedroom wall’s colors. However, you should make sure that your favorite colors are still related to your bedroom theme. Or, you can combine two or three colors on your bedroom wall. Not only you, but also many people do this idea when they are decorating their bedrooms. And adding an interesting wall decorating accent to your bedroom wall can be used as your idea on how to decorate a bedroom.

How to Decorate a Bedroom – Creating a Reading Corner

In addition to adding an interesting wall decorating accent to your bedroom wall, another idea that you can use when decorating your own bedroom is to create a reading corner in your own bedroom. Here, you may put a small table in the reading corner so you can study in your own bedroom well. Besides, you can concentrate on your study and there will be no noise. This idea is one of the most popular ideas which is used by hundreds of people. You can apply this idea when decorating your own bedroom, so you don’t need to find other ideas onhow to decorate a bedroom well. Not only creating a reading corner, but also putting some beautiful plants and putting some beautiful furniture can be two wonderful ideas on how to decorate a bedroom. So, are you going to use these our ideas to decorate your own bedroom?

The question of “How to decorate a bedroom?” is answered in this short article.