16 Types of Windows used in Buildings

16 Types of Windows used in Buildings

There are different types of windows used in building construction to provide ventilation, and view. The selection of windows depends on many criteria.

A window is a vented barrier provided in a wall opening to admit light and air into the structure and also to give outside view. Windows also increases the beauty appearance of building.

Selection Criteria for Windows

Selection of suitable window in a particular place should be dependent of following factors.

  • Location of room
  • Size of room
  • Direction of wind
  • Climatic conditions
  • Utility of room
  • Architectural point of view
  • Based on the above factors we can select the suitable window for our strictures.

Types of Windows used in Buildings

There are so many types of windows are available based on their positions, materials and functioning. Windows are classified as follows.

  1. Fixed windows
  2. Sliding windows
  3. Pivoted windows
  4. Double hung windows
  5. Louvered windows
  6. Casement windows
  7. Metal windows
  8. Sash windows
  9. Corner windows
  10. Bay windows
  11. Dormer windows
  12. Clerestory windows
  13. Lantern windows
  14. Gable windows
  15. Ventilators
  16. Skylights

1. Fixed Windows


Fixed windows are fixed to the wall without any closing or opening operation. In general, they are provided to transmit the light into the room. Fully glazed shutters are fixed to the window frame. The shutters provided are generally weather proof.

2. Sliding Windows

In this case, window shutters are movable in the frame. The movement may be horizontal or vertical based on our requirement. The movement of shutters is done by the provision of roller bearings. Generally, this type of window is provided in buses, bank counters, shops etc..

3. Pivoted Windows

In this type of windows, pivots are provided to window frames. Pivot is a shaft which helps to oscillate the shutter. No rebates are required for the frame. The swinging may either horizontal or vertical based on the position of pivots.

4. Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows consist of pair of shutters attached to one frame. The shutters are arranged one above the other. These two shutters can slide vertically with in the frame. So, we can open the windows on top or at bottom to our required level.

To operate the double hung windows, a chain or cord consisting metal weights is metal provided which is connected over pulleys. So, by pulling the weights of cord the shutters can move vertically. Then we can fix the windows at our required position of ventilation or light etc..

5. Louvered Windows

Louvered windows are similar to louvered doors which are provided for the ventilation without any outside vision. The louvers may be made of wood, glass or metal. Louvers can also be folded by provision of cord over pulleys. We can maintain the slope of louvers by tilting cord and lifting cord.

Recommended angle of inclination of louvers is about 45o. The sloping of louvers is downward to the outside to run-off the rain water. Generally, they are provided for bathrooms, toilets and privacy places etc..

6. Casement Windows

Casement windows are the widely used and common windows nowadays. The shutters are attached to frame and these can be opened and closed like door shutters. Rebates are provided to the frame to receive the shutters. The panels of shutters may be single or multiple. Sometimes wired mesh is provided to stop entering of fly’s.

7. Metal Windows

Metal windows, generally mild steel is used for making metal windows. These are very cheap and have more strength. So, now days these are widely using especially for public buildings, private building etc.

Some other metals like aluminum, bronze, stainless steel etc. also used to make windows. But they are costly compared to mild steel windows. For normal casement windows also, metal shutters are provided to give strong support to the panels.

8. Sash Windows

Sash window is type of casement window, but in this case panels are fully glazed. It consists top, bottom and intermediate rails. The space between the rails is divided into small panels by mean of small timber members called sash bars or glazing bars.

9. Corner Windows

As in the name itself corner windows are provided at the corners of room. That means corner windows has two faces in perpendicular directions. By providing this type of windows, light or air can be entered into room in two different directions.

To provide this type of window special lintel is provided in the wall. Corner windows will give aesthetic appearance to the building.

10. Bay Windows

Bay windows are projected windows form wall which are provided to increase the area of opening, which enables more ventilation and light form outside. The projection of bay windows are of different shapes. It may be triangular or rectangular or polygonal etc. They give beautiful appearance to the structure.

11. Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are provided for sloped roofs. These are projected from the sloping surface as shown in below image. They provide ventilation as well as lighting to the room. They also enhance aesthetic sense of room.

12. Clerestory Windows

If the rooms in a building are of different ceiling heights, clerestory windows are provided for the room which has greater ceiling height than the other rooms. The shutters able to swing with the help of cord over pulleys. These also enhances the beauty of building.

13. Lantern Windows

Lantern windows are provided for over the flat roofs. The main purpose of this window is to provide the more light and air circulation to the interior rooms. Generally, they are projected from the roof surface so, we can close the roof surface when we required.

14. Gable Windows

Gable windows are provided for sloped roof buildings. These windows are provided at the gable end of sloped roof so; they are called as gable windows. They also improve the appearance of building.

15. Ventilators

Ventilators are provided for the purpose of ventilation in the room. They are provided at greater height than windows nearer to roof level. It is in very small size. Horizontally pivoted shutters are provided for ventilators. Sometimes shutter is replaced by wired mesh, in this case sunshade is provided to prevent against rain water.

16. Skylights

Skylights or generally provided on the top of sloped roofs. To admit light into the rooms, sky lights are provided. It is provided parallel to the sloping surface. Sky lights can be opened when we required. Lead gutters are arranged to frame to make it as waterproof.

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Decorating A Tiny Apartment

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Decorating A Tiny Apartment

Small apartments have their upsides – lower rent, often a closer proximity to bustling downtown areas, and a certain irreplaceable cozy charm. That is, if you know how decorate.

One misconception that people often fall prey to when decorating tiny apartments is that all the focus should be on functionality rather than design. That sentiment could not be further from the truth. Your apartment may be short on space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be short on style.

Rather, it’s finding the right balance between the two is critically important to creating a space that you’ll be comfortable living in for the foreseeable future. You need to focus on filling your home with items that fit your needs while highlighting your personal aesthetic. Follow these decorating tips that ensure that you make the most of the space you have while still letting your personality come through. While you may think it’s difficult to decorate a small apartment, see how to live large in a small apartment tips here too!

1. Carefully Delineate Separate Areas


At first glance, it may seem like open concept living is the way to go when decorating a tiny apartment. However, this can be overwhelming to the eye and over time a lack of definition to the space can lead to things looking messy.

Do your best to define separate areas and give each area a specific purpose. Put coat and shoe racks by the door to round off your entranceway. Position a buffet between your kitchen and dining areas for easy serving and extra storage. Back your sofa up to the foot of your bed to instantly draw the eye into your living area. If you are sharing a room with a home office look at these 30 creative home office ideas to be productive and save space.

If you have a particular interest or hobby, don’t be afraid to let those play a key role in separating the space while showing who you are. An indoor bike rack like this one by Thomas Walde leaves your bike looking like it’s an internal part of the room rather than just being stored. Or, you could use plants from an indoor garden to signify changes in the use of space.

2. Invest in Dual-Purpose Furniture

When dealing with a small space, every inch counts. Make the most of the room you have by investing in furniture pieces that will do double duty. Rather than trying to work your space around furniture, focus on buying pieces that will work with you. Bedrooms are the perfect rooms to have multi-purpose furniture. Look at these 40 ways to make your small bedroom look bigger.

Consider a trundle bed that can be folded into a sofa when watching TV, a hollow ottoman that can be used for can be used for storage, or a dining table with a built-in leaf that will make it much easier to entertain guests.

Whichever duel-purpose furniture you choose, make sure to select pieces that are size-appropriate to your space. Overstuffed models will only serve to make your living space look even smaller. Don’t worry too much about finding sofas that are daintily-scaled, many companies like Smart Furniture and Apt2B specialize in creating furniture that is fit for micro-living situations.

3. Rethink Unused Spaces

After living in the same space for a considerable amount of time, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut in regards to how you use it. You know that you store extra baking dishes in the oven it is not in use, extra candles in one of the coveted kitchen drawers and clean linens in a storage box under your bed. But, have you ever considered the possibility that maybe you’re not using your space in the most effective way possible?

Challenge yourself to look around your apartment and identify all of the “dead spaces” or spaces that aren’t currently serving a useful purpose. Think about unused corners and blank walls. Then, try to brainstom ways to use those spaces to your advantage.

Turn a large windowsill into a workspace for when you need to take business home for the night. Purchase a corner shelving unit to give yourself a place to store your bar essentials. Place a few baskets on top of your refrigerator and use them to hide your lesser-used serving plates.

4. Go Vertical with Storage

In planning the best way to make use of a space, it’s critical to think vertically as well as horizontally. Tall, narrow storage systems are your best bet when trying to get the most storage out of the least amount of space.

Place two identical bookshelves on either side of a doorway for a built-in shelving look. Or, a large entertainment center that reaches from floor to ceiling serves as a great room divider between your sleeping and living areas.

If you really want to take storage to the next level, consider using your available wall space as a hiding place for fold-away furniture. Murphy beds get a bad rap, but this transformable technology has come a long way from the cheap motels of the past. The LGM Tavolo by Clei features a queen-size wall bed, 35 linear feet of shelving, and a 5 foot fold-down workspace table. Since each feature folds independently, it truly lets you dictate how you’d like to use your space.

5. Find an Organization System

Everyone knows that storage is king when it comes to small apartment living. You need vehicles to help you hide unavoidable clutter from view. But, when it comes down to practical use and being able to find what you need, all the storage in the world will not be helpful to you if it’s so messy inside that you cannot tell what’s being stored. Invest in some organizers that will help keep you on track.

Back-of-the-door shoe-hangers offer pockets that can be used to hold anything from cleaning products to extra snacks. Lining shelves with small baskets creates a uniform look while hiding any clutter from view.

Once you own a few organization tools, the key is actually utilizing it. According to a study by Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London, it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit. Set a goal to return items to their proper places immediately after using them for those 66 days. After the adjustment period, keeping your apartment organized will be a snap.

6. Choose a Light Color Palette

Keep things light when choosing colors for you apartment. While rich, darker colors have a tendency to make spaces appear smaller to the eye, light shades open things back up. Try using the right color palette for your interiors when choosing colors for your small apartment.

When choosing your palette, focus on using three colors: two, light, bright shades that decorate the majority of the space. Then, add in one darker accent color to ensure things stay visually interesting.

If you absolutely cannot live in a world with so little bold color, you can still get your fix with furniture. Choose one main color and buy or paint all of the furniture for that area in the same shade. Then, pick a second bold color for the room’s accents. However, you may want to limit your pop of color to one section of the apartment. Too many statement colors in one tiny space can get overwhelming.

7. Add Curves with Furniture and Decor

Since most tiny apartments tend to be box-shaped, use your furniture to add some curves back in. According to Libby Langdon, a small-space consultant on HGTV’s “Small Space, Big Style”, curvaceous furniture will keep things from looking monotone.Think about using a round dining table or a sofa and chair set with angled sides.

Once you’ve found pieces that suit your needs and your personal style, make sure to compliment those curves by using similar shapes in your accessories. Rather than choosing a plain, rectangular bathroom mirror, opt for a round one that makes a statement. Rather than settling for a straight floor lamps, try a few table lamps that have a more rounded shape.

If there is any natural shape to your apartment itself, make sure you play it up. Turn a curved window into a cozy reading spot by adding a chair and bookcase by the spot. Make exposed beams a focal point by embracing a industrial design scheme.

8. Layer to Add Depth

One thing that small spaces lack is depth, since there is only so much space for the eye to take in. Luckily, you can make up that depth easily by layering in your design.

Shadow boxes make excellent wall hangings. Add a few throw rugs to help cover up less-than-luxurious carpeting. Layer your bedding with multiple blankets and throw pillows add depth while keeping you warm and cozy.

It’s important to note that layering is not just about piling one design element on top of another. It’s also about creating contrast. So, when you’re selecting the items that you’d like to layer throughout your apartment, go for pieces that have varying materials, textures, and patterns. For instance, if your sofa is very neutral chose boldly-patterned throw pillows. If your flooring builder-grade opt for a heavier throw rug in order to add weight.

9. Embrace the Floating Design Trend

Large, bulky furniture pieces can make a small apartment seem closed-off. Incorporating floating elements into your design can open things up by allowing the eye to travel all the way through the space, while still providing the same functionality.

Try using floating shelves in lieu of a bookcase or a floating sink in place of a traditional vanity. In terms of furniture, pieces with legs will seem to take up less space than those that sit directly on the floor.

Tie everything together as part into a cohesive look by incorporating floating design into your décor. Create a gallery-style display by purchasing a few floating shelves in varying sizes. Have fun staggering them to create a unique arrangement. Then, look for a variety of painting, photographs, statues, and accessories to fill in the space. In no time at all, you’ll have your very own art house installation.

10. Unclutter Your Apartment Regularly

It’s only natural to accumulate clutter after living in the same place for some time. However, when living in a small apartment, the clutter is much more apparent because there are fewer places for it to hide.

Once or twice a year, make an effort to go through your possessions and revaluate what should be kept. You’ll be surprised how many items are less than necessary and how much clearer your home looks once you’ve finished.

For those who have a hard time combatting clutter, professional organizer, Linda Rothschild, shares her tips. She recommends setting a deadline, tackling one area in of organization at a time, starting with the most cluttered area first. She believes keeping organizational tasks small will help them seem more manageable and prevent fatigue.

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you have to let go of interior design for the sake of functionality. Instead, you should try to strike a balance between the two focuses. Refer to this article when decorating your tiny apartment to make sure that it suits your needs while looking sharp. If you have a design tip related to small spaces, feel free to share it in the comments below.

10 Fun Home Offices That’ll Boost Your Creativity

10 Fun Home Offices That’ll Boost Your Creativity

Work is the worst, but we bet you won’t mind getting it done if your space looked amazing. Not only are these work-ready spaces aesthetically gorgeous, but their unique designs will inspire new ideas and boost your productivity. Whether you’ve got an entire room or just a tiny corner, we’ve got inspiration for you on this list.

Be A Minimalist

Minimalism is so hot right now. Keep your desk clutter-free, add in simple furniture (like these reclaimed wood chairs and desk), keep a neutral color palette, and watch how inspired you’ll be to actually do your work. If you need to warm things up—so it doesn’t look bland and sterile—add a plant or macramé wall hanging.

Take It Black


Is this not the sexiest office you’ve ever seen? Black furniture combined with brass accents looks super sleek. Opt for a gray-black for the walls, so it doesn’t feel too dark.

Go Bohemian

Embrace your inner free spirit and decorate your office with anything that tells a story, has sentimental value to you, or that you picked up on your travels. Add in a bold, patterned rug, color on color, and some plants. Remember: More is more.

Get Creative With Space

Calling all New Yorkers (and anyone who lives in a teeny, tiny apartment)—you probably don’t have room for a formal office, so you need to get creative. Opt for small furniture, and try putting your desk up against a window in your bedroom. That way, it’s out of sight from your living room, and you at least have a view to look at to separate it from your sleeping area.

Make It Modern

Your formula for a modern office: white lacquer desk, a geometric rug, and sleek lighting. To make it a little more glam and feminine, add bold color and brass accents.

Use Open Shelving

If you can stay organized, try open shelving. It’ll help your room feel more fun, creative, and colorful. In this Boston brownstone, the kitchen pantry also houses the office, so the shelves serve double-duty.

Try Industrial

If your work space is cool, you may be more inclined to actually use it. A vintage aluminum desk and stool create an industrial vibe in this Colorado cabin’s study. Chicken-wire bookcases add a rustic touch to the room.

Think Exotic

To totally transport yourself somewhere way more exciting than your work, try an exotic pattern, like the black-and-white zebra motif in this Charleston home office. A rattan chandelier adds texture.

Consider Scandinavian Style

Pare way down and keep your aesthetic clean and calming. A simple Swedish desk was placed by a window with a view of the Baltic Sea in a Scandinavian home. It’s mostly neutral, but the pops of blue keep the room feeling fresh and invigorating.

Conceal Clutter With Cu rtains

If your clutter feeds your creativity, you don’t have to get rid of it, you just need to conceal it smartly. In a Birmingham, Alabama office, curtains soften the room and hide everyday office papers and books that are stacked up on the shelves.

How To Feng Shui Your Desk

How To Feng Shui Your Desk

01.Why You Should Feng Shui Your Desk

The feng shui of your desk really does matter! This becomes especially important if you have to spend many hours at your desk. It is always a good idea to be sure the places you have to spend a lot of time in—from your bedroom to your office—have good feng shui energy.

The better the energy in your office and at your desk, the better the quality of your own energy. Good feng shui is not just about things looking good. A room may be visually appealing and well-designed, but lack elements that are essential for good feng shui.

02.Feng Shui Desk Characteristics


The very first step to start in applying good feng shui to your desk is to actually choose the best desk according to feng shui principles.

  • Feng Shui Criteria for a Good Desk
  • The Material
  • The Shape
  • The Color
  • Feng Shui Desk Materials

Out of all possible materials—wood, glass, laminate, and metal—a wood desk is definitely the best feng shui choice. Not only it brings natural energy into your space, it also has both nourishing, as well as a vibrant quality of energy. If you want to understand deeper the feng shui properties of wood, look into the Wood feng shui element it represents.

A glass desk lacks solidity because it allows the energy to move very fast. If this is your choice, you can work with specific feng shui cures such as tall plants, for example, to create a more grounding, solid energy.

A metal desk brings the sharpness, preciseness, and clarity of the feng shui element it represents (the Metal feng shui element). It can be a good choice if you are drawn to it, especially if your birth element is either Water or Metal.

A laminate desk has mostly lifeless, passive energy which you can activate with vibrant feng shui cures appropriate for your office space.

03.The Best Feng Shui Desk Shape

Most shapes are excellent feng shui, but it all depends on the goal you are trying to achieve with your work.

The typical rectangular shape desk provides grounding energy with an element of growth and expansion, so it is ​a great shape for a desk. It is best to have a desk with an open front, as this encourages better energy flow.

A flowing shape desk is also considered excellent feng shui as it promotes creativity and a constant, refreshing flow of energy. It goes without saying that you will position it so as to be sitting on the inside of the curve, not the outside. However, this might not be a good choice for a person who can easily get distracted.

An L-shaped desk can be good feng shui when placed in the best feng shui position.

The least preferable shape choices for a desk are round, oval or square ones. Square desks can create the energy of stagnation, and the round one is its opposite—it has constant movement. However, these desk shapes may be appropriate for different situations.

A round shape desk or table is an excellent choice for a group meeting as it encourages a free flow of energy, as well as the equality of all people using the workspace. An oval shape desk is similar in function to the round one, but the distribution of energy is not equal. A square shape can be beneficial for a person who tends to get distracted easily and needs more focus and concentration.

04.The Best Feng Shui Desk Color

Color is big in feng shui as it is the easiest, almost instant way to create a specific quality of energy. Here are the best colors for a good feng shui desk, but you should take care to choose what works for your energy and your line of work. (If you want to understand more about the color of power, dive into the world of the five feng shui elements as each color represents a specific feng shui element)

  • Brown – A grounding color that creates a sense of comfort and nourishment for the body.
  • Black – Introspective color, promotes concentration and open-mindedness.
  • White – Facilitates clarity and discipline. Can be energy draining for some people.
  • Gray – Similar to white, has more power to aid focus (both white and gray colors represent the same feng shui element).
  • Green – Revitalizing, creative, nourishing.
  • Red – Strongly activating, not a good choice for long-term use.

Of course, each color comes in different intensity, so a deep brown desk, for example, will be different in its energy than a light brown one.

Many desks also combine several materials, as well as several colors. For example, you can have a wood desk with metal legs, or a desk that has several colors. Always look at the overall feng shui guidelines and then make the decision based on your needs.

05.The Feng Shui Placement of Your Desk

The placement of your desk is very important for good feng shui.

The least beneficial desk placements for are:

  • Facing the wall
  • Facing the window
  • Directly in line with the door
  • With your back to the door.
  • The most beneficial desk placement is in the so-called feng shui commanding position. This is when you can see the door to your office, are not in line with the door and have a solid wall behind you.

Another criteria for a good desk placement in feng shui is according to your lucky feng shui directions. Basically, this means having your desk face one of your lucky directions (there are 4 of them for each person).

Of course, if this places your desk in the least feng shui beneficial position, such as facing a window or with your back to the door, then it is not worth it.

06.Feng Shui Your Desk Surface

It goes without saying that a constantly cluttered desk is really bad feng shui. Of course, it all depends on your definition of clutter! If you are working intensely on a project that is due soon, then it is certainly okay to have your desk busy for a while.

For a while does not mean forever though. Once the project is done, the desk has to be cleared. Having old, unnecessary items occupying your space is really bad feng shui.

Ideally, the desk is cleaned at the end of each workday. Not only is this good feng shui, it is plain common sense, too.

07.Add Your Own Source of Light

No matter you work in a comfortable home office or in a cubicle, for good desk feng shui—and for your own well-being—it is important to have your own source of light.

For best feng shui, it is recommended to place your chosen light fixture to your upper left, which is the wealth feng shui bagua area of your desk.

08.Define Your Needs: The Less, the Better!

It is important to clearly define your needs and place only the very minimum on your desk surface. Do you really need to place so many folders on your desk? Can they be placed somewhere else with easy access? Do you really need to place on your desk all the pens and pencils you own?

The list of questions can go on and on depending on your line of work. It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to a good feng shui desk, less is definitely ideal.

09.Feng Shui Bagua Magic for Your Desk

If you are new to feng shui, it might be helpful to know about the powerful bagua, also called the feng shui energy map, that is applied to various spaces in order to create good feng shui.

There are two ways to define the bagua and quite a bit of learning involved in using it for good feng shui in your home or office.

Here are several areas of your desk that are good to strengthen and pay attention to.

  • Upper Left – Wealth and Money area
  • Upper Right – Love and Marriage area
  • Mid Left – Health and Family area
  • Mid Right – Creativity area

You can use the typical feng shui cures for each specific area, or come up with your own creative solutions. For example, we mentioned the light source to your left—upper left—which is an excellent feng shui cure for the wealth area. A vibrant plant to your left or a family photo is excellent feng shui for health. A photo of you and your beloved or a couple of crystals can be great feng shui for your love area.

10.Sources of Good Energy

When looking for specific items to bring the vital energy of creativity to your desk, look first into the typical feng shui good energy cures.

Good air purifying plants are a must for any workspace! You can choose a beautiful vibrant plant with a stunning pot, for example, in order to maximize its effect on your desk. Crystals are also a very popular feng shui cure, and there are many crystals that are suitable for your office. Various images can be targeted to specific goals, and so can specific items that you have a special connection with.

Be creative and see what brings you good energy and elevates your spirit. Also be sure to rotate your items from time to time, as well as, of course, do not bring them all at once.

20 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office

20 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office

There are many good furniture designs, a lot of different materials that compose a beautiful desk. Some of them save space in the room because a designer created a functional design that would not only deal with your problem of having too little room for a desk but also look incredible in that small space. Some of the desks are suited only for large rooms that accentuate their gorgeous shape. And then there are those desks that can transform from a small, one-man workstation to a large, conferential table. It all depends on your taste and needs, so enjoy the next 42 desk designs that we fell in love with.

1. The Covet Desk


This is one of the best desk designs when it comes to storage space. The Covet Desk by Shin Azumi holds stacks of paper and files in a neat compartment under the desk, helping you clear all the clutter on the desks` surface. Even if underneath the desk there are files and folders, this is not an impediment for a comfortable seating experience.

2. The Reindeer Desk

Gracefully resembling the shape of a deer, the Reindeer Desk by Alex Kozynets inspires purity and dynamicity. The white desk explores the form of a reindeer`s silhouette and offers a beautiful, contemporary alternative to an usual desk. An art form in itself, this desk offers a place for creating, writing or reading.

3. The Duplex Workspace Desk

Designer Sophie Kirkpatrick found a solution to crowded spaces with no intimacy in the form of this Duplex Workspace Desk. A hooded desk is perfect for those times when you need to concentrate on your work with no disturbance from other people. Having an ash veneered surface and hood and solid ash turned legs, the desk is a beautiful working space that will insure your privacy.

4. The WD Desk

Elena Rurua presented this sleek desk in two versions: white and black with a swirl pattern on one side. Simple, clean lines make this desk perfect for a modern office or home office. The desk features a small platform underneath that can hold files or even a box with brick-a-bracks.

5. The Treasury Table

This is a special desk – it`s equipped with different sized drawers (from small to A2 format) and a translucent mat surfaced glass desk that keeps your things hidden underneath. Designers from Process created this versatile desk to be used in many situations: it can be a desk or a working station or even a place to keep tools in the garage.

6. The Wave Desk

Robert Brou, designer and craftsman, created the undulating Wave Desk with the help of a new technique of slicing the wood. Two towers of sliced wood support a large poplar surface. Drawers and a pull out work surface were built in the design.

7. The Villa Rose Desk

Designer Francois Azambourg created this black-stained solid oak desk with minimalist lines. Beautiful features like the single solid walnut storage niche and the hand-veneered edges of the legs speak about the need to minimize materials while maximizing the design.

8. The Max Ingrand Desk

French designer and artist Max Ingrand created this combination of art and functional design back in 1966. Still looking modern, the Max Ingrand Desk consists of a single continuous form bended into a whole seat-inclusive workstation. The stainless steel from which it was made gives it an industrial-chic look and places this desk ahead of its time.

9. The Luna Desk

The next stylish and contemporary desk from Italian company Uffix, named Luna, is an interesting concept with futuristic lines and a courageous approach to desk design. Luna is a desk that, due to its design, can be placed in the middle of the room and impress anyone with its design.

10. The Life Desk

This desk was born out of the desire to minimize the danger of hiding under a desk during an earthquake. Designer Haishan Deng wanted to create a desk based on the “Triangle of Life” principle that would be able to protect people in case of an earthquake. Made from high strength steel and nylon board, it also has a side structure made from molten steel.

11. Le Orchidee Desk

Astonishing in every detail, Marc Fish`s Le Orchidee Desk was inspired by a desk with the same name from Musee d`Orsay. What seems to be a seamless tambour roll top is actually made from veneered canvas layered upon strips of wood.

12. The Kkanapetko Desk

A desk that transforms from a tiny working surface into a two or three person workstation. Versatility stands at the base of this design by Krassi Dimitrov. With 3 drawers on either side, a drawer for printer/scanner, extendable cable and stereo speakers to connect your music players, the KKanapetko Desk unfolds for more work space and has cool features that make it awesome.

13. The Track Desk

Based on an open framed ash structure that provides support for various folded steel doors, shelves and surfaces, the Track Desk designed by Mark Holmes is a contemporary desk that gives a playful vibe. The designer says: “The idea of folded metal shelves and doors backed with felt, sliding smoothly over the bars of an open timber frame seemed a delightfully simple solution.”

14. The Airia Desk

This design created by Kaiju Studios has a beautiful shape, perfect for any room, even a teen room: “The desk features a primary work surface and an elevated rear peripheral surface, which encloses a space for cable management. In the large central drawer are three removable cork-lined trays.” The white legs contrast with the wooden surface to give it a contemporary look.

15. The OneLessDesk

A simple, yet highly functional desk created by Heckler Design offers an interesting new way to look at furniture design. The OneLessDesk is part of the OneLessOffice suite of products and is based on the idea that you don`t need as much space as you used to when technology was not this advanced. Just pop it under for more space in the room!

16. The Lane Desk

This desk is based on clarity and functionality. The Lane Desk, designed by Jehs and Laub, seems to be made from one single piece of solid wood and a drawer unit. The modular storage unit supports the main structure and offers a contrasting design that is also functional.

17. The Briefcase Desk

This is a beautiful interpretation of a desk made from recycled briefcases. The Briefcase Desk is beautiful but also functional. The briefcases that make up this desk are actually drawers so it is not that different from any other desk. Leather briefcases were turned into various size storage spaces and the whole design has an artistic feel to it.

18. The Crocodile Leather Desk

This design is one of the most elegant made from crocodile leather. For those who don`t mind genuine leather, the handcrafted Crocodile Leather Desk by Italian furniture designer Sabino Aprile is the perfectly elegant addition to an office. Made from Polish stainless steel, wood and crocodile leather, the desk has a classic feel.

19. The Novanta Desk

Inspired by straight lines and simple elements and created from usual materials, like MDF, aluminium and perforated metal, the Novanta Desk by designer Luke Riggall is a desk for the masses. Perfect for anyone, this desk features an iPod dock, speakers and drawing utensil drawer, just to name a few. A storage space in the back keeps all the cables neatly hidden.

20. The StudioDesk

This desk was made for a clutter free environment. The minimalist design doesn`t allow interference with any kind of disorganized space. A storage space built into the surface of the desk allows for peripherals and cables to be hidden. Mahogany wood and faux leather were used to build it and a beautiful design makes the StudioDesk a desirable piece of furniture.

IKEA Living Room Design Ideas

IKEA Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room is one of the most frequented rooms in your home.

Because of this, it is the most exciting to decorate.

You usually find a living room with a coffee table, a comfy sofa, a rug, and a wall unit TV, as well as other furniture.

A great place to get all these living room furnishings is IKEA. IKEA leads the pack in ecological furniture design. A modern IKEA living room has ready-to-assemble furniture that are both durable and customizable.

With so many options, it can be hard to pick out the perfect living room ideas from IKEA. Here are some tips to figure out the perfect IKEA living room design.

Embrace Modern Designs


IKEA living rooms are very modern. The retailer is best known for its modern Scandinavian designs, something you can tell from the names of their furnishings. This style is all crisp lines and minimalist functionality.

It is a very distinctive style and there is no mistaking it. These design decision works very well with their cost-saving flat-packaging model.

IKEA pieces fit well in a modernly styled space. This covers a wider range of variations on modern design, from current trends to art-deco décor.

At IKEA, you will find sleek minimalist, modern retro, mid-century modern, and other Scandinavian modern furnishings and accessories. If you accent these with simple and unadorned pieces, they will look perfectly at home, with no clash or design dissonance.

Consider Other Designs

You don’t have to limit your IKEA living room ideas to just modern styles, however. While IKEA is best known for its Scandinavian modernism, it does offer more traditionally styled décor. These pieces can be used if you aren’t looking to create a modernistic space.

One of the merits of these pieces is that they do not have that iconic IKEA look. Anyone looking at this furniture will not know that you used IKEA living room decorating ideas. It prevents a feeling of sameness and commercialism in your cozy family space.

Soften Those Edges

If you do find a piece at IKEA that works right for your needs in all but style, you can still do a lot to fit it in with the rest of your décor. Isolated pieces can be integrated into the whole by incorporating different textures. Layer on accessories to develop an interesting color scheme and create a generally more cohesive space.

This technique works very well with any style of furniture, modern or traditional. It takes the edge off modern furniture and can help soften its look. Minimalism can often seem uninviting and anything that makes it cozy can be a real help.

One of the best ways to pull this off is by using textiles. You can use throws, table runners, pillows, place mats, and slip covers. IKEA uses this idea in their marketing campaigns. They have even released their own textile line with this tagline: “A little bit of softness can change your world.”

Mix and Match Styles for a Charmingly Eclectic Look

Combine IKEA styles with contrasting ones to create a unique and eclectic look. Pair a piece with simple straight lines with a piece that has more ornate and traditional lines. Mix elements so that they balance each other. Neither should become the focal point of the room.

This is a great trick to use if you are trying to bring together your random mix of furniture. For a serious way to decorate in a budget, try mixing second-hand furniture with IKEA furniture. You can compensate for the stylistic differences with color, accessories, and scale.

Create a Separate Focal Point

What doing this does is distract from your IKEA furniture and, in doing so, blend it in with everything else. The focal point of a room draws attention first. It usually is most contrasting piece, or it is the biggest, shiniest, or brightest object. If you have the right focal point, no one will even notice your IKEA furniture, no matter how different it seems from everything else.

Misc-by-Copper-Brook IKEA Living Room Design Ideas

Find your room’s focal point by standing in the entrance of the room. Clear your mind, close your eyes, and then open your eyes. Your focal point will be what your attention is drawn to first. Try to make sure you’re imagining seeing the room for the first time.

Group Furniture Together

People do not sit alone in a typical apartment living room. Group seating and tables together to create social spaces. This makes the cold and hard edges of IKEA’s normal style less lonely.

Consider Aftermarket Customization

You don’t have to be stuck with the standard, out-of-the-box IKEA look. Many companies offer custom accessories that fit perfectly. Parts of Sweden sell customized hardware, lightning, furniture legs, and more. Custom doors can be added to IKEA cabinets.

Keep an Open Mind

Think about using IKEA product that is designed for a different purpose than you were originally looking for. Don’t isolate yourself fin one department, as you can find the perfect item in another department. This is a great way to customize IKEA furniture.

Shop Patiently

Take your time when picking out furniture. It’s hard to resist going on a buying spree when redecorating, but taking the time to pick out the right pieces will make a lot of different to the look and functionality of your living room.

Think About Sofa Feet

This is an element that is rarely considered. An upgrade to your sofa legs can make a marked difference. Look into small custom legs that can remake an IKEA piece.

Add Color

IKEA has a lot of options with bold colors, but even pieces that come only in neutral tones can be easily painted. Doing this adds a bit more personality to a piece.

Make a Storage Wall

Mount some IKEA cabinets onto a wall with some shelves and you have an excellent storage space. IKEA furniture is perfect for these sort of modular creations. You can also use this as a room divider.

Ending thoughts on creating an IKEA living room

IKEA ideas for living rooms are near limitless. You are not bound merely by the modern look of IKEA, or by the colors or style of your existing room. You can adopt the budget-friendly IKEA furniture to any look using these tips and tricks.

10 Stylish Modern Living Rooms

10 Stylish Modern Living Rooms

01. Reconsider What Modern Method

In some edges of the embellishing world “modern” is looked at a four-letter word. There’s a view that modern-day areas are actually chilly as well as do not have individual. However nothing might be even more coming from the reality. Modern living rooms can be warm, welcoming, and at times also downright comfortable. While modern living-room may be without several of the frills of their more furnished counterparts, they counterbalance it in their smooth sense of style.

02. Cozy as well as Relaxing Modern Living Area


What is actually certainly not to enjoy regarding a space with comfortable home furniture, a soothing combination, as well as a see centerpiece? This contemporary residing room coming from Raven Inside Interior Decoration has them all. The smooth lines and also no-frills method to enhancing is actually each contemporary and also minimal, yet there’s nothing at all cool or even indifferent about it. The warm surfaces and soft furnishings produce this a terrific space for investing a comfy evening in.

03. Lively Combos in a Modern Staying Space

Who states modern can’t be exciting? Cleary not the staff coming from Michelle Lewis Interior Decoration, the masterminds behind this area. Intellectual art, a distinct light, as well as a collection of colours as well as appearances converged to generate an area that looks excellent as well as doesn’t take itself very seriously.

04. Modern Combination

What lots of people do not cherish about present day concept is actually just how quickly it could be mixed along with various other types. This room, for example, possesses some conventional home bone tissues (thanks to Murphy & & Carbon monoxide Architects) however the household furniture and also art alter present day. All together they form a just about transition type which may be interesting a variety of people.

05. Unfavorable Area in a Modern Living Area

Help make a small modern-day space seem bigger with a white colored color scheme as well as translucent furniture. This contemporary condo unit designed by Lori Pedersen Setting Up & & Styling has a small footprint however thanks to using damaging area (primarily around the acrylic coffee dining table) it shows up much larger than it definitely is actually.

06. Rigorous Focal Factor

The fire place is often the focal point of a space, thus why not beef it around develop a whole central wall structure? In this particular modern-day sitting room, the central wall (developed by Beinfield Design) is not particularly glittery, yet it has a large effect on the general look of the room. The metal doors include structure which gives even more intensity than something standard like paint will. It is actually minimal, yet the end results are actually huge.

07. Stand out of Color in a Modern Staying Area

A stand out of intense color and a take notice pattern are terrific techniques to add a little bit of enjoyment to a contemporary lifestyle room. When it comes to this space developed by Shirley Meisels, the bright yellowish seats add life and also pleasure yet they don’t interfere with the fire place focal aspect. For any individual that thinks modern is uninteresting, this living-room ought to alter their thoughts.

08. Significant Light in a Modern Living Space

Every space requires one thing special– a novelty that gets your interest as well as truly accomplishes the room. Within this room from ZR Architects, it’s obviously the special light. It sticks out and also makes the eye to it, but it still suits magnificently along with the space. Notification exactly how the form imitates that of the edge table, generating a link as well as a feeling of unity.

09. Clean and Organized

There’s something really relaxing about a room along with straightforward home furnishings and also basic, clean-lined accessories. Within this modern lifestyle room there is actually a pronounced sense of tidiness and association, however to maintain factors coming from ending up being sterile or even dull, professional Susan Manrao enjoyed with the household furniture forms, contrasting rounded lines along with straight. An one-of-a-kind wall structure looking glass as well as sculptural flooring lamp accomplish the look of this simple however vibrant space.

10. Link with the Outdoors

A popular component found in ultra-modern houses is actually large windows that open and attach the space along with the outsides. To maximize this plan see to it to adhere along with a somewhat smart type. Ensure there’s a lot of breathing area between pieces and also do not over accessorize. Take this room coming from D’Cruz Inner parts Design as a perfect example.


These Are The Absolute Best Paint Colors For Your Living Room

These Are The Absolute Best Paint Colors For Your Living Room

Your living-room is probably your best spot, therefore be sure it’s an area that you actually eagerly anticipate resting in on a daily basis. Whether you prefer one thing strong and also brilliant, toneless, or even totally relaxing, our company have actually acquired every different colors tip you need to look at on this checklist. Snatch your coating brush.

Baggage Green

This jewel-toned different colors produces a room seem like a Caribbean haven. Add plants in pots plants and also our company are actually entirely gushing.



A crisp, matte white is totally enduring. Sherwin Williams Pure White sympathizes you when you merely can’t along with fads anymore (find ya never, millennial pink).

Strong Yellow

Carries out the thought of art work your living-room yellow shock you to your very core? Simply pick an emphasis, like a door or even a single wall surface, instead.


This jewel-toned blue is the colour of travel right in your own residence. It’ll create you believe that you perform vacation, even though the closest you’re receiving to an island escape is your laptop pc’s screensaver (sigh).


Pink does not must be overtly girly. Include Southwestern components like cloths, trends, and also wood emphases to produce the pastel experience a bit more bohemian and also cool.


Despite the fact that it’s understated, the incorporated texture you receive coming from wood woodwork assists break up an all-gray wall structure. A vibrant, vivid carpet adds a lot more size.


Mango is your best option when you don’t wish to go as feminine as pink could be. If points are actually feeling mind-boggling, simply coat one part on your wall structure.


Stay clear of the incredibly cherry and your property will not resemble fire truck core. A richer shade of crimson heat up the room, while contrasting furniture in blues and pinks helps split the daring color.


Developer Kristin Kong concealed a door to the cellar responsible for millwork coated in Sherwin-Williams African-american Fox in her home near Atlanta. The trick “creates the room look less rough,” she mentions, because the dark different colors helps whatever mixture together.


Both the walls as well as ceiling attribute purple coating. Brighter pops of purple on the couch and also the Christopher lamp offer it a little contrast, so it does not feel too soft.


A brand-new house on Alabama’s Pond Martin takes on the appearance of an old log cabin with soft, washed-out colors and ebony wood wall structures. Designer Susan Ferrier selected a light fixture through Phillips Metal Functions to make a lofty living-room feel more informal.


These rec room wall surfaces were lacquered in a custom sea blue colour. The glossy walls assist bounce light across the room, offering a intense and open feel.


This small apartment possesses a personality each one of its very own. The warm reefs wall structures specified off the vibrant and neutral design completely.

Skies Blue

In the sunroom of a Connecticut cattle ranch house, ashen blue wall surfaces offer the space a relaxing vibe. White roofs assist crack up heaven as well as produce the space feel lighter and also airier.

Pale Gray

Just considering that a service may be temporary, doesn’t indicate it has to be without design. In her historic Charleston leasing, stylist Jill Sharp Weeks painted the whole interior an innovative grey that experienced accurate to the opportunity duration.


Living Room Decorating Ideas You’ll Want To Steal ASAP

Living Room Decorating Ideas You’ll Want To Steal ASAP

It requires to become practical as well as comfy, although you devote a great deal of opportunity in your lifestyle room, so it certainly not just needs to look terrific. Blending all 3 points can easily be actually difficult, however our experts’ve obtained lots of examples to motivate you. Coming from modern-day and professional places to rustic and also approachable situations, there is actually a living-room assumed you’ll desire to steal listed here. Keep going through for forty-five trendy developer brand residing roomideas and also recommendations, and getting pointers for places of the sizes.

Enjoy Yourself With Chuck Bedroom pillows

Right here is actually a treatment in single embellishing along with sense. Created through Audio workshop Razavi, this Parisian condo is actually a splendid mix of neoclassical as well as modern-day style. Even though the bone tissues in the room evoke a marvelous type of opulence, the abundant Moroccan carpet and roomy white-colored settee make your area feeling even more friendly.

Carry the Enjoyable for the Floor covering

In the event you have neat white surface areas and also relatively neutral staples, like a sofa as well as high levels of caffeine dining table, select one paper object that practically brings inside an increase of colourful stamina. It could be actually anything coming from an exceptional art piece about the wall areas to some fantastic rug comparable to this set in a living-room made by Leanne Ford Interiors. Redefine Reasonably neutral Developed through Redmond Aldrich Design, this living-room is

capable to become special as well as understated, versatileimpressive and also colorful, understated and friendly, all at once. That’s on account of the one-of-a-kind, diverse combination of structures, a moderate wood paneled wall surface, a timeless carpetings and also carpets, and also a suddenly colourful sofa. In the unlikely event you commonly like to follow an area even more organic tones at home yet realise you are commonly fascinated through different colors, deal with venturing out possessing a dirty flower, rainforest natural, or naval force sofa-they’re the new neutrals.

Select A Sturdy Wallpapers

Wallpaper is actually one of all those advancements that just proceeds giving as well as offering. If you choose a traditional chinoiserie wallpaperwallpaper, you may perform nearly anything with it as your type changes over the year. This contemporary personal image through Chuck Shut is actually definitely a striking compare for the chinoiserie wallpaper (Iksel’s Eastern Eden) powering it in this certain Kilometers Redd-made property. The review doesn’t stop certainly there: Redd continued to project above style and also design association by integrating diverse gem moods as well as blending modern house home furniture types with classic products. Oh yeah-and astonishingly, the lime green chair is actually coming from Ikea! Confirmation also reliable producers enjoy an excellent rate.

Know Your Property

Remember where you are actually, prior to you also start adorning your sitting room. Your concept program is actually going to appear really unique coming from an urban commercial loft space, for occasion, if you live in a laid-back beach front residence. In this certain seashore residence through Aren’t Andamp; Pyke, the style team fixated routing the hot environment of the seaside property through enjoyable concepts and also casual elements. Nevertheless, they regardless handled a peek of elegance through tidy covers, wonderful craft, plus an impressive format. If you are actually a chump for kitsch as well as want you were actually constantly on island-time, include a hint of it with one claim part, like a classic Hawaiian-print rattan chairchair, that being said.

Establish Declaration Lighting Cost

Desire to go simply a little bit of glam without having finding also snazzy? Add more in little brass decors, like a metal-frame coffee table and vision-capturing steel illuminations. This living-room is actually yet one more terrific approach for little bit of spot decoration. Whilst the a few home furnishings products are actually two chairs and also a small espresso supper dining table, the roofing light is what is actually needed to have to create the complete place really experience specific.

Disconnect Current Produced

Wall structure area create is the most effective method to include a big declaration inside a very little sitting room. It may definitely transform the aesthetic, despite the fact that it doesn’t occupy any area space. Utilize an intellectual photo such as this an individual to affect the colours of your possess pillows for cohesion.

Think about Your Region

In this certain modern mountain range optimal residence generated through style business Organisation Razavi, the ageless log cabin cosmetic gets an upgrade. The lush ugg and also carpeting chuck comfy stuff up whilst today time light-weight installation, efficient furnishings, and straightforward tones promise a soothing, laidback, and elegant environment.

Add Attraction To Your Fire place

That professes backsplashes are actually merely for your personal kitchen area? Try tiling your fire place. It carries an artful, modified effect for the sitting room without being actually difficult. This is actually especially truetrue if you pick neutral or even dark and also white colored geometric tiles, as carried out in this Leanne Ford-designed room.

Mix and also Suit Concepts

The settee in Condo Therapy strategy creator Maxwell Ryan’s sitting room is definitely an exceptional occasion of effectively mismatched trends. The sofa maintains a tonal glowing blue planning, as well as also the light blue carpeting beneath it ties the whole entire appeal together. It is actually an excellent means to exercise your pattern mixingmixing if you are actually certainly not all set to partner with the entire rainbow however.

Select Comfy Resting

Made through Recording workshop Razavi, this contemporary Parisian condo is in fact a inhale of outsides. Certainly not merely performs it validate which could be made use of a wallpaper landscape in a minimalist atmosphere (the grayscale colour combination help), however it’s also the optimal manifestation of exactly how you can easily type a living-room that’s the 2 professional and satisfying, rested as well as innovative. The key? Seating ought to be relaxing, and also components have actually to be unwinded but well-maintained.

Present Manuals in fashion

“The space doesn’t acquire a great deal of light, so I chose to make it comfortable and transformed it into an English-style picture room, which is actually ridiculousridiculous, however enjoyable,” points out famous personality chef Alex Hitz. Taking the pleasant possibility within a living room without having a big volume of natural illumination is actually a wonderful answer. And what is actually cozier when contrasted to a flooring-to-roof bookshelf with seating inviting you to snuggle on it? To display your quick guides even more artistically, counter all of them along with fine art. Within this place, a Peter Rogers portraiture of Alex Hitz’s really good close friend, the delayed Nan Kempner, puts up around the shelfs to produce some distinction.


Choose The Right Color For Paint Ideas For Living Room

Choose The Right Color For Paint Ideas For Living Room

As we know, living room is the heart of every house. This is the first room in most of the houses. The first time you open the door, you will enter your living room. And every person who comes to your house will go to your living room. Because of that, you should give your best effort to make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. When your guest comes to your house, make them interests with your living room and directly feels cozy to stay there. Creating good design for your lovely living room, you can play with the color of your room, starts from the wall, the furniture, or the accessories in it. To make your living room as the stand out room than the other rooms, you can try to apply paint ideas for living room as one of the choices to get it.


Deciding paint ideas for living room

To decorate your house, you should have your exact concept how to execute it. You should have good imagination how it will be. In paint ideas for living room, the important thing that you have to do is choose and decide the right color for your living room. There are so many colors and many kinds of color combinations that you can choose. But the basic consideration to make a decision is your concept and the scheme that you want for your important room. You have to remember that every color has a different meaning and each color will reflect different atmosphere for your room. In addition, color is the most powerful thing that can affect your mood also. So, you have to be careful in making decisions.

Paint Ideas For Living Room to Make Different Atmosphere

If you want to make your living room has a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can choose red as the source of energy and passion. Orange will create warmth and joy atmosphere. While, yellow is the color of happiness and bright atmosphere. And then, if you want to emerge cool and calm atmosphere, you can choose green, blue, or violet. Next, if you want to create a comfort feeling and easy-looking for your living room, you can choose pastel colors like cream, soft gray, or peach. Besides of those colors, if you are the person who likes clean and minimalist color, you can also apply neutral color for your room, such as white, beige, gray, or black. Neutral color is the easiest colors for us to combine with the others color. This neutral color will create dramatic and stylish visual if you do the appropriate combination. So,because the applied color will become the main focus, in paint ideas for living room, consider the right color before decide to buy it. Good luck!

This article brings you the information about paint ideas for living room that will be useful for  your home improvement.