How to Take Care of Your Natural Solid Wood Furniture

Wooden substance can build a warm and classic atmosphere in your room, especially natural solid wood furniture. It also can be used for a long period. Solid wood furniture may look classic and vintage, but if you do not take care well, it will look untreated. As the natural solid wood furniture consumer you have to have a strategy to keep and take care of your collection to avoid damage. If you want to know how, just follow these following steps to “treat” your natural solid wood furniture.

Tips For Treating Your Natural Solid Wood Furniture

  1. Keep the furniture’s surface well to avoid scratch, dirt, dull color. You can use a tablecloth to cover the table or chair and give the sponge for your sofa’s pad. The tablecloth may avoid your natural solid wood furniture from things that can harm it. Don’t forget to clean the slit or the corner of the furniture using small soft brush. At this point there are dust and fungi group. Small brush will sweep the corners which are difficult to reach with wiper. You just brush it until clean.
  2. Place your natural solid wood furniture in a normal temperature and not humid place. Try to keep the furniture from sunlight or other heat source, because it can cause your furniture look dull, crack, or warped.
  3. Use Wax (Furniture Coating Liquid) or pledge to clean your natural solid wood furniture Spray the pledge to the surface and the slit of your furniture. Just spray necessarily, do not use it too much. You can get pledge in a furniture store. The furniture surface which has been cleaned using pledge should be cleaned using ball cloth, and then dry it. You can get the ball cloth in the material store.
  4. Clean the natural solid wood furniture with the steps we have given above at least once a month. But every day will be better if you wipe the furniture using wiper to remove the dust. Every step of treating the furniture should be done carefully, too. For example, to move a chair, you should lift it, not sliding it. You never know whether the wood’s joints are strong enough.
  5. Polish your natural solid wood furniture at least 2-3 times a year to make it attractive.

By doing those regular treatments your natural solid wood furniture will be durable and long lasting so it will be your asset or your memorable things of your life.

Are you sure you give the right treatment to your natural solid wood furniture? Here are several tips in treating your wood furniture properly.

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