9 Marvelous Modern Dining Rooms

9 Marvelous Modern Dining Rooms

01.Modern Dining Room Design

If filling rooms with the latest trends in home decor is your idea of fun, then decorating a dining room is like a trip to the amusement park. That’s because dining rooms have space for everything you love. Tables and chairs are just the start of the fun—credenzas, rugs, lighting, even wallpaper and art—all have a role to play in creating a picture perfect dining room that’s equally suited for a casual dinner or a magazine spread. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite contemporary dining spaces for a quick look some of the many ways designers everywhere are doing dining rooms right.

02.Rugs in a Dining Room


Though we usually think of them for living rooms and bedrooms, the right rug can do wonders for your dining room as well. Offering a staggering array of options, from venerable and colorful antiques to efforts in modern minimalism, there’s a rug for every taste, every palette and every room. Here a simple yet beautiful Beni Ourain rug is giving this room everything it needs.

03.Wallpapered Accent Wall in a Dining Room

If you love wallpaper but don’t want the whole look, a feature wall can set your room apart with a much smaller investment of time and effort. In this room, an intricately patterned wallpaper turns a single wall into an incredible backdrop for other show-stopping elements such as the bubble chandelier.

04.Wood Ceiling in a Dining Room

The best rooms don’t necessarily need a theme, but sometimes it can be interesting to have a central element run through the entire space. This dining room covers itself in wood from the ceiling to the table and chairs, and even the large bear-like statue in the background. The warm wood tones evoke a sense of nature even as the sculpted form of every wood piece gives the space a vaguely futuristic appeal.

05.Pendant Lights in a Dining Room

Lighting is important in every room, but in dining rooms, lighting takes on a whole other level of importance. The two giant pendants that hang over the table in this dining room set the stage and steal the show all at the same time. As a final touch, several of the dining chairs are sporting the same wire-mesh construction style as the pendants.

06.Dining Room With Tin Ceilings

The design of this dining room is very nice, but it becomes something else entirely once you notice the tin roof shining above the room. Ornately designed tin ceilings were once very in fashion and good things can still happen when classic flourishes are used in a contemporary way.

07.Small Dining Room Design

Dining rooms don’t have to be huge to have their own look and personality that makes them distinctive. This small dining space makes good use of every inch with modern lighting, lush greenery and a cowskin rug.

08.Gallery Wall in a Dining Room

Like most rooms, dining rooms tend to have a good amount of wall space just begging to be filled. For this, among many other reasons, art remains a natural choice for finishing a room. This space makes perfect use of it’s walls with a gallery wall of just four large pieces. Like all good art (used for design) the pieces fit into the color story of the room, matching the color of the chairs perfectly.

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